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Mystical Britain – The Cotswolds and Somerset ~ September 4 – 15, 2017

Mystical Britain ~ The land of standing stones set within mystical hills, ancient Roman temples, medieval cities of legend, mythic ruins, romantic castles and soaring cathedrals.

Somerset  and The Cotswolds are an ancient region of Britain, the setting of mythic tales of the Land of Logres with landscapes steeped in mystical histories and monuments of ancient and historic traditions. It is a land of layered history where one can experience the temple of the ancient Roman underworld goddess, adjacent to a soaring medieval Abbey with a Victorian Gothic interior within a town of magnificent Georgian architecture. The Cotswolds are designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in which picturesque villages with thatched roof cottages, magnificent castles and manor houses with fabulous gardens can be found nestled amongst the rolling hills.

Windsor ~ Somerset ~ Glastonbury ~ Bath ~ Wells ~ Avebury ~ Mendip Hills ~ Cheddar Gorge ~ Somerset Coast ~ Exmoor ~ Minehead~ Aquae Sulis ~ The Cotswolds ~ Stow-on-the-Wold ~ Bourton-on-the-Water ~ The Rollright Stones ~ Sudeley Castle ~ Blenhiem Palace and more…



Champion Adventures


Champion Adventures are True Adventure at a Contemplative Pace

True Adventure… at a Contemplative Pace

“We believe that adventure truly happens when we allow something utterly new and wonderful to take root in our awareness.”

Our small group size allows for bespoke travel.  We fully support your journey so that you are free to explore, learn, experience and deeply enjoy your own glorious adventure.

Our trips are specially designed for travelers age 50 and over.

All locations will offer activities that can be enjoyed at a contemplative pace. We recommend that travelers be able to stand and walk for up to an hour in order to be able to enjoy this particular trip. Most locations will also offer the opportunity for individuals who wish to undertake a more strenuous pace, or hike in areas that may have uneven ground, to be able to do so.

The Activity Level for this trip is rated as Easy:

This tour may include individual hikes up to one hour with some inclines and potentially unpaved yet solid surfaces, walking through archeological sites for 1-2 hours, stopping along the way, walking through towns or cities for 1/2 hour. Travelers should be able to climb 1 flight of stairs and walk at least 1/2 mile without any problems.

Join us in Mystical Britain in September 2017!


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Phone us at (503) 946-9930 for full itinerary, costs and other details or use the email contact form.

This tour is designed to be an enjoyable adventure for adults age 50 and over. Activities will require an average level of fitness and the ability to stand and walk for up to an hour.

Contact us for specific trip details and registration information for Britain 2017

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Tour Leaders and Guides

Our Tour Leaders and Guides

I was born in Germany to American parents. My first big international trip was coming back “across the pond” to grow up in the Chicago area. I began a career as a concert cellist at age 12 that allowed me to immerse myself in Western art and history. As a cellist, I traveled extensively throughout the USA to both study and perform with inspiring musicians from around the world.

I am an avowed tree hugger and had the opportunity to live off the grid in a remote forest area of Northern California for many years where I could pursue my passions for star gazing, gardening and living in community with eagles, bears, wolves and other wild beings.

I am a life long student of art, mythology, history and philosophy. My quest for knowledge has led to treasured friendships and travel across the globe. I love finding true points of understanding and connection with people, whether it is in sharing the language of music, spiritual insights or the enduring love of family and place. 

My long vocation in service and support began as a personal journey caring for a disabled parent. I am happiest when I am supporting others in their aspirational goals.

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Anne Conrad-Antoville

Anne Conrad-Antoville

Tour Leader

Anthony Antoville

Anthony Antoville

Tour Leader

In my youth, I lived in Manhattan, Texas and Southern California. My childhood was filled by sailing with my family to and from Catalina Island, where we would spend much of our summers, or hiking through Yosemite while at camp.

At age 15, I traveled alone on planes and trains visiting family friends in Zurich and Lausanne, Switzerland. By the time I was 19, I took part in a summer Rotary International Youth Exchange to England and discovered a great love for the British Isles.

I was trained as a visual artist, studied with many renowned artists and received my BFA in Studio Art from the University of Southern California, where I met the love of my life – Anne.

Soon thereafter, my life took the unexpected twists and turns life often takes and moved to a remote region of Northern California where Anne and I married. There we built our own independently powered home, lived close to nature while raising our daughter.

During this time of life, I worked for several years in skilled nursing with aging residents. An unanticipated career path in aging services stuck and now spans more than 25 years.

Over the years, I have reflected upon the conceptual quote by the German artist, Joesph Beuys: “Sculpture as an evolutionary process; everyone is an artist.” We sculpt and shape our lives and in turn how we live sculpts and shapes us, as we embody the many nuances of our vast array of experiences.

I find this process so wonderfully grand and awe inspiring, to be embraced and never to be feared, rejected or regretted. I consider experiences to be the key! I realize much joy in sharing some of the infinite experiences the world has to offer each of us.

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The Cotswolds

Standing Stones



Wells Cathedral

Romantic Ruins


Ancient Temples

Photo credits: Anthony Antoville, Anne Conrad-Antoville

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