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Champion Adventures Guided Global Travel at a Contemplative Pace for Adults 50+

Champion Adventures Provides Guided Global Travel Adventures for Adults 50+


We believe that adventure truly happens, when we allow something utterly new and wonderful to take root in our awareness.

Discover People and Culture

Champion Adventures Connects You With Real People and Authentic Culture

All too often travelers miss out on the real experience of a place by not connecting with local residents and regional culture.

Standard tours often keep to a strict checklist of attractions only giving opportunities to snap a quick photo here or there and short stops to a souvenir shop, while cruise ship packages can herd tourists in an artificial ‘bubble-environment”  that leaves little room for a genuinely different experience.

We pride ourselves on designing genuine adventures that allow you the time to truly experience intimate, unexplored places of wonder.

Champion Adventures supports you to take a deep dive into local culture with real people in their communities. 

Gems discovered along a journey may include the obscure locales treasured by those who live there, while not overlooking the everyday shops and markets that area residents rely on.

Taking the time to eat in a pop-up home restaurant offering soup and sandwiches in Pennyghael on the Isle of Mull can reveal just as many interesting wonders, as taking a dip in a secret swimming hole on the Otaki River in New Zealand.

Discover Culture and People in Oban Scotland
Discover People and Culture in Fortingall Scotland with Champion Adventures

True Adventure at a Contemplative Pace

Champion Adventures in Castle Hill New Zealand
Champion Adventures Places in Glastonbury England

Champion Adventures Allows Time for True Experience

We recognize that as a person matures so does the desire for travel often grow within that individual.

We believe this desire to travel originates from a place of spiritual or philosophical longing to root new experiences within one’s awareness, whereby those experiences can be gauged in reflection along side a person’s life.

In turn, those experiences can become a lattice or support for further and deeper contemplative growth.

It has always been our aim to serve individuals in their worthwhile endeavors to seek out greater meaning to their well-lived lives.

Champion Adventures supports those seeking further discovery in their own personal quests.

Champion Adventures Contemplative Travel Glastonbury England

Bespoke Travel for Adults 50+

Champion Adventures Anthony Antoville and Anne Conrad-Antoville

We bring over twenty-five years of elder services and case management experience to designing bespoke travel adventures for adults fifty and over.

We are attentive to the special details, making your adventure worry free and fun! 

Our small group size allows us to be flexible, accommodating individual needs and supporting personal discovery.

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Knowing You

By understanding your expectations and needs before the tour, we will work to ensure you have an unequalled adventure.

The Right Fit

Offering various tours based on different levels of physical ability to match individual speed and stamina for a worthwhile experience.

Pre-Trip Meetings

Participants get to know their tour leaders and each other in advance, while learning valuable and interesting information for their upcoming journey.

Thoughtful Itineraries

We design tours focusing on better accessibility and mobility options for lodging, site destinations and transportation accommodations to improve traveler comfort and safety.

Preparation is the Key

We develop contingency plans into our trip itineraries to identify medical and other essential facilities and services along our planned routes.

Worry-free Travel

We maintain copies of your vital documents and pertinent information to be retrieved in case of travel situations and medical needs.

Champion Adventures Guided Global Travel for Adults 50+

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